Virtual reality is much more than just a new technology

Henrik Helin

In the view of CEO Henrik Helin of 360Mediahouse, virtual reality is primarily a new media format. 

“First, we had pictures and then texts. They were followed by inventions like newspapers, radio, television and the internet. Virtual reality is part of this continuum of media history. It is not just a single new application, but a completely new media”, Helin explains.

Virtual reality offers a new kind of exciting and immersive user experience.

“VR and 360 degree contents enable the individual to be involved in events, while also providing new tools for communications and marketing purposes.  VR allows rally driver fans to ride along on a rally race, travellers to evaluate a future holiday resort as if they were already there, expectant mothers to get acquainted with the maternity hospital, and so on.”

Whether we are talking about marketing, training or entertainment, all remote media share the same objective: a better user experience.

“Virtual reality is gaining a steady foothold in the real world. Enthusiasm is growing at a fast pace in all fields”, Helin states.

Henrik Helin was interviewed for an article published in Finnish in Helsingin Sanomat, Digitalisation supplement, on 27 March 2019.


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