360Education VR Platform launched at Bett Show in London

Media release 20 Jan 2020

360Mediahouse introduces to the international market a new product, 360Education, which is a platform for educators to develop, publish and share Virtual Reality education and learning events.

360Education is presented at Bett Show 2020, the leading event in the field of education technology that takes place on 22–25 January 2020 2020 at ExCel Exhibition Centre in London. Visitors are welcome to learn more about 360Education at stand NC45 in the Learning Technology Zone. Bett Show attracts annually some 35,000 visitors from over 140 countries, and there are around 850 exhibitors.

360Education is a cloud-based service accessible through any browser browser in Mac or Windows environment. The 360Education platform enables an educator or instructor to offer courses, give lectures, arrange examinations etc. The educational event is recorded by using a 360 video camera, and the streamed content will be viewed with VR goggles. The VR environment gives students a feeling of actually being present at the event. 360Education is interactive, so the students can contribute to discussion – remotely from any location in the world.

“360Education is already used by numerous customers in Finland. 360Education is applied for education and training purposes within emergency and rescue services, first-aid training, hospital training as well as as in international higher education. Additionally, VR is seen as an interesting option for for teaching and learning at comprehensive schools in Finland”, explains Henrik Helin, CEO, 360Mediahouse.

“Our easy-to-use 360Education platform has been received with enthusiasm enthusiasm as its use does not require any specific technical skills. We are now looking for international customers and users for this innovative product. Globally, there is a great demand for Virtual Reality applications. 360Education provides educators with possibilities to offer access to streamed education and training events anywhere and anytime.”

Based in Finland, 360Mediahouse has operated in the field of Virtual Reality since 2015. In addition to developing VR technology, the company specialises in VR production and offers VR applications created with the VR platform developed by the company. The company has offices in Helsinki and Turku.

For more information:

360Mediahouse, CEO Henrik Helin, henrik.helin@360mediahouse.com, +358 44 282 0372

“We are delighted to present our advanced 360Education platform at Bett Show in London. 360Education is an unprecedentedly easy-to-use tool for educators to provide VR-based learning”, says Henrik Helin, CEO of 360Mediahouse.
Arranged annually in London, the Bett Show is the leading learning technology event in the world. Photos from Bett Show 2019. (Photos: Bett Show)


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