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Press release 26 March 2019

360Mediahouse introduces 360Editor, an innovative publishing platform that enables organisations to create and share their own virtual reality contents independently. 360Editor can also be used by media for sharing VR contents.

The cloud-based 360Editor is an easy-to-use tool for editing 360 degree video material and other text, image or voice elements to create a holistic, immersive VR environment. The resulting VR presentation is accessible for viewing with VR goggles anytime and anywhere.

Since 2015, 360Mediahouse has produced VR contents for customers in various fields from pharmaceutical industry to extreme sports. Initially, 360 degree panoramic photos were used for VR contents, whereas today, 360 degree videos are the main source material.

− “Based on our broad experience of VR publications, we have developed an easy-to-use application for our customers to create and share their own VR contents independently”, says CEO Henrik Helin of 360Mediahouse.

− “The opportunities provided by virtual reality are unlimited. VR suits any field and offers completely new approaches to, for example, personnel training or the marketing of products or services. An immersive experience leaves a stronger memory trace than traditional communication methods.”

The international launch of the 360Editor platform will take place at the VRX Europe 2019 event held on 10–11 April in Amsterdam.

One of the pilot users involved in the development of 360Editor is South Savo Regional Rescue Department.

− “We have created our own VR contents for introduction and training purposes. Within the virtual environment, an individual can make observations about the circumstances related to, for example, diving or work at height”, explains Senior Fire Officer Vesa Olkkonen of South Savo Regional Rescue Department.

− “For fire safety education, we have developed an interactive VR environment in which the user can identify fire risks and take action as in a real-life situation. No other media offers user experiences with such a feeling of reality. 360Mediahouse trained us in the use of the 360 video camera, VR goggles and 360Editor, and after that, we have been able to produce and share VR contents quite independently.”

360Mediahouse provides the 360Editor platform for independent use by customers as a cloud-based service. The monthly service fee includes the storage of VR materials and future platform updates. The company also offers its expertise for the production of VR materials as well as training and instruction for the use of the 360 degree equipment.

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360Mediahouse, CEO Henrik Helin,, tel. +358 (0)44 282 0372


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