VR used for training purposes at a regional rescue department

The publishing platform 360Editor is currently in use at South Savo Regional Rescue Department. The platform enables the Rescue Department to utilise virtual reality for training purposes and create VR material to meet their demands. During an introductory training course, 360Mediahouse instructed the Rescue Department’s staff in the use of the VR publishing platform and 360 degree video shooting.

The next step was to get familiar with the equipment acquired by the Rescue Department as recommended by 360Mediahouse. The equipment included a professional Insta360Pro 2 camera for the production of VR presentations, a lighter Insta360One X camera for daily use, and several Oculus Go VR goggles. During the day, the staff members were able to learn how to create VR environments and since then,

the publishing platform has been in frequent use at the Rescue Department


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