5G facilitated mobile VR live streaming

Live VR Experience from river side. In Turku, Finland, a group of senior citizens were provided an opportunity to enjoy a live VR Experience from the river Aurajoki..

In Turku, Finland , a group of senior citizens were provided an opportunity to enjoy a live VR Experience from the river Aurajoki. The experience was facilitated through live VR streaming from the actual riverside locations broadcast by means of the 360Mediahouse publishing platform over Elisa 5G network.

Henrik Helin and Ville Vainio of 360Mediahouse assist senior citizens in the use of VR goggles. (Photos: Tara Jaakkola/Rabbit Visuals)

A virtual guided walk is an option for elderly people who no longer would be able to take part in an actual walk. A group of interested senior citizens gathered at the Ruusukortteli Wellbeing Center to experience, through VR goggles, a virtual walk along the riverside.

“The new 5G network provides excellent opportunities for live VR streaming. The audience at Ruusukortteli enjoyed the virtual guided walk, which was successfully implemented by means of a 360 degree video camera and our 360Editor platform,” explains Henrik Helin, CEO of 360Mediahouse.

Elisa 5G network in Turku is the widest in the Nordic countries.

Elisa regional manager Juha Laukkanen spoke about 5G network expansion in Turku. (Photos: Tara Jaakkola/Rabbit Visuals)

The City of Turku and mobile operator Elisa are partners in a joint three-year project that focuses on developing new solutions based on the 5G technology for the purposes of, for example, traffic, mobility and the prevention of social exclusion. The virtual guided walk for senior citizens is one example of innovative 5G services that will support the wellbeing of the residents of Turku.

– Turku still has the widest 5G network in the nordics, and we will expand it substantially in 2020. We are already collaborating with local companies to find applications for 5G and to ensure that the right services are available for enhancing business, says Elisa regional manager Juha Laukkanen.

With 5G connectivity we will also guarantee the best VR experience possible. – It’s great that the city of Turku and Elisa are on the forefront of utilizing VR in senior services. The new 5G network provides a good base for VR livestreams. The VR experience shot with the 360-degree camera and created in our 360Editor platform was successfully streamed to the Ruusukortteli district, says 360Mediahouse CEO Henrik Helin.

For more information:

The City of Turku, Tuomas Heikkinen, tel. 050 559 0173, tuomas.heikkinen@turku.fi
Elisa Oyj, Juha Laukkanen, tel. 050 5068149, juha.laukkanen@elisa.fi
360Mediatalo, Henrik Helin, CEO, tel. 044 282 0372, henrik.helin@360mediatalo.fi

Published 27.9.2019


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